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Silver Plating Answers


Will silver plating my pieces fill in the detail or engraving?

NO. Silver plating will not fill in detail or engraving. In some rare cases a slight loss of detail may occur, but this is due to polishing required prior to silver plating. This is usually such a small amount that it is not noticed by the client. We pay special attention to the detail to insure it's preservation. (back)


Does resilvering lower the value of my piece?

The value of antique pieces is not lowered by resilvering. If you have an antique piece that has silver plating worn through, the value would be much lower as opposed to a piece with a nice silver finish. In some cases with Old Sheffield Plate pieces, the value can be lowered, but these pieces are rare. (back)


Is my piece even worth re-plating?

This question has several points to be covered. First, if we resilver your pieces, the silver plating is quadruple plate and much better than anything you could buy new at any price. So you should consider that you are making a wise investment. Second, Silver pieces of modern makers just don't have the quality that the older pieces have. Lastly, Sentimental Value and keeping the past alive for future generations (back)


I heard you should never re-silver Old Sheffield plate. Is this true?

Yes and No. The value of Old Sheffield Plate has a lot to do with A: It's original condition and....B: If it is properly marked by it's maker. If an Old Sheffield Plate piece is in terrible condition it is no different than any other antique in poor condition, LOWER VALUE! So if the value is very low due to the poor condition, how badly would the value be affected by improving the condition. We advise clients about this on a case by case basis. (back)


Can you silver plate the inside of my coffee pot and not the outside?

No. This is an immersion, electro-plating process. The whole piece gets plated. While it is possible to plate just the inside. We believe that this practice ultimately does a disservice to the client and doesn't give a satisfactory result overall. (back)


How thick is the silver plate after re-silvering?

Our silver plating is equal to the old "quadruple plate" standards. In actual measurements it ranges at about 40 microns. We guarantee it for 30 years! (back)


After you silver plate my pieces, can you make them look antique again, even with new silver plating?

Yes. We offer several different finishes. Oxidation and Patina can be added to a piece after plating. (back)


Repairing Answers


A piece of my flatware got caught in the garbage disposal....Any hope for it?

Yes! We have rescued many pieces from disposal damage. We can even replace the engraving to match your other pieces. You wouldn't believe the results. (back)


I have weighted sterling candlesticks that are very thin and have been broken and twisted. Can these repaired?

Weighted sterling repair is one of our specialties. Many other restorers either can't or won't try these repairs that we handle with ease. Many of the tools we use for this type of repair have been custom made by us for this purpose. (back)


I have a knife that has separated from the handle...Can this be repaired?

We can reset your old knife blades and even replace the blades with new blades in the same pattern if needed. (back)


I am missing the top from my sugar bowl. Can you make a new one?

We are Master Silversmiths. We custom design and manufacture whole pieces and missing pieces. (back)


The ivory insulators on my coffee pot handle are broken. What do I do?

We can hand carve new insulators from legal ivory. There are simulated ivory products out there. We have tested them and have determined that the quality is not the same. (back)


Can Combs, brushes and mirrors be replaced?

We can replace your old combs with new ones. Our glass shop makes custom hand beveled mirrors right here. Brushes are the old thing we do not do here in our shop, but we have an excellent brush maker. (back)


General Answers


How are you able to guarantee every thing you do?

We are perfectionists! We are so confident in the high quality of our work that we decided to just guarantee all of it. (back)


What is Old Sheffield Plate and how do you spot it?

Old Sheffield Plate, simply, was a way of making items that were less expensive than sterling silver, before the invention of electro-plating. These pieces were made by taking a thin sheet of silver and bonding it to a thicker sheet of copper. After this bonding, the silversmith would then manufacture the article. Where this differs from electro-plating is that with electro-plating, the piece would be made out of a base metal first and then the silver plating was deposited on the pre-made item. There are a few easy ways that the average person can spot Old Sheffield Plate. If the underside that doesn't normally show is finished with a gray or dark gray metal (tin) OR if you look at a finished edge and find areas that look like an edge of silver has been rolled over in a seam. (back)


Do you repair other metals?

We also regularly work on Brass, Copper, Pewter and other metals. Our capabilities are extensive and we love a good challenge. (back)


What other metals can you polish or plate?

Polishing Brass or Copper items is a regular request. We also re-tin copper cookware and copper plate. We gold plate and re-guild items where the gold guilding has worn. Please call or email us with your special requests. (back)


How do I get an estimate?

The best way to have your work properly examined and estimated is to ship the items to us. You are under no obligation to have any work performed. This way we can advise you correctly. We can sometimes provide estimates from pictures, but this is not always accurate. (back)


How do I get my items to you?

Pack them well !! Everyday we receive shipments from Fed-Ex, UPS and the USPS. Insure your pieces too. (back)


I don't have a box or packing material, and a shipper is far away. Can you help?

Yes! We will ship you the right size box and all of the packing you require to pack up your pieces. We even send a pre-printed shipping label for return shipping to us. After you have packed your pieces, call us and we will arrange pick-up for you. You never have to leave the house! (back)


Have you custom made things for people? What types of things do you make?

We restore and we also create! We have made everything you can imagine from Baby Cups to Racing Trophies, to Custom Lighting for homes or businesses. We would love to work with you and design a "one of a kind" piece for you, your family or your business. (back)